Inspiring goal setting for 2017: translation and languages

Goal planning is a tricky one – too big and it’s unachievable, too small and it’s over January 2nd. What to do!? Last year I concentrated on language learning, but as they year grew I made more and more posts about translation. I think this year my aims will be more job/work/future related rather than specifically about language, although they’re still in there too!

Book Review

New Book Club Series!

One of my blogging goals is to post more regularly and try to write posts with more relatable and helpful content – and so ‘My Tuesday Book Club’ was born! On the last Tuesday of every month I’ll review some translation studies books in more detail – some of which I will have mentioned in my post: I’m all booked up… Which Translation Theory books are worth it? My top 5 , but hopefully some of the others will be new and different too.

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Breaking into translation blogging: 3 sites you need to see

This week on my course, we’ve been looking at freelance translators and the need for marketing. Nowadays, a large part of marketing is done through social media and self-publicising. As freelance translator, you’re your own accountant, media department and HR as well as your own boss and (probably) sole worker. This puts a certain amount of pressure on you – not only are you working to bring in an income, but you’ve also got to be a social media guru AND marketing expert as well as establish yourself in the industry.


I’m all booked up… Which Translation Theory books are worth it? My top 5

At the beginning of each course, the lecturer or course convenor will (hopefully!) give you a handbook for the whole course or module you’re studying. Seems helpful, right? Until, that is, you flick through the end few pages and skim the seemingly never-ending list of ‘suggested reading’ that no-one in a month of Sundays will ever complete. So how do you sort the bad from the good? Or the hopeless from the helpful? Read on for my top 5 translation studies theory books that will get you through exam season…

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A Fountain of Knowledge -enhancing your skills as a Translation Studies student…

As a student of any discipline, we’re always encouraged to enhance our skills, and make our CVs stand out/gain experience etc. As I’ve illustrated in my posts Who, What, Where, Why, How?! Volunteer Translation – 7 places to start your search. and My top 12 Twitter profiles for Translation Opportunities… getting experience in translating is a… Continue reading A Fountain of Knowledge -enhancing your skills as a Translation Studies student…

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Which came first – the translator or the specialist? PART TWO

In my last post I looked at the concept of translation specialisation and its importance when you’re looking into becoming a freelance translator. But is it always necessary to specialise in an area of translation to be successful?