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New Book Club Series!

One of my blogging goals is to post more regularly and try to write posts with more relatable and helpful content – and so ‘My Tuesday Book Club’ was born! On the last Tuesday of every month I’ll review some translation studies books in more detail – some of which I will have mentioned in my post: I’m all booked up… Which Translation Theory books are worth it? My top 5 , but hopefully some of the others will be new and different too.

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Breaking into translation blogging: 3 sites you need to see

This week on my course, we’ve been looking at freelance translators and the need for marketing. Nowadays, a large part of marketing is done through social media and self-publicising. As freelance translator, you’re your own accountant, media department and HR as well as your own boss and (probably) sole worker. This puts a certain amount of pressure on you – not only are you working to bring in an income, but you’ve also got to be a social media guru AND marketing expert as well as establish yourself in the industry.


I’m all booked up… Which Translation Theory books are worth it? My top 5

At the beginning of each course, the lecturer or course convenor will (hopefully!) give you a handbook for the whole course or module you’re studying. Seems helpful, right? Until, that is, you flick through the end few pages and skim the seemingly never-ending list of ‘suggested reading’ that no-one in a month of Sundays will ever complete. So how do you sort the bad from the good? Or the hopeless from the helpful? Read on for my top 5 translation studies theory books that will get you through exam season…

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A Fountain of Knowledge -enhancing your skills as a Translation Studies student…

As a student of any discipline, we’re always encouraged to enhance our skills, and make our CVs stand out/gain experience etc. As I’ve illustrated in my posts Who, What, Where, Why, How?! Volunteer Translation – 7 places to start your search. and My top 12 Twitter profiles for Translation Opportunities… getting experience in translating is a… Continue reading A Fountain of Knowledge -enhancing your skills as a Translation Studies student…

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Which came first – the translator or the specialist? PART TWO

In my last post I looked at the concept of translation specialisation and its importance when you’re looking into becoming a freelance translator. But is it always necessary to specialise in an area of translation to be successful?

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To be, or not 2 B… The question of translation specialisation PART ONE

PICK SOMETHING YOU’RE INTERESTED IN – it sounds blindingly obvious, but in all likelihood, we’re all probably guilty of thinking ‘But I don’t know anything about anything!’ (Or maybe that’s just me!?!). Use your passion or hobby or Mastermind special subject to help you…