What are CAT Tools good for? Absolutely… everything?!?

As a follow on to my post Freelance v In-House Translation: Which is the right one for me?, another part of my Methods and Skills module also looked at CAT Tools, and their strengths and weaknesses regarding specific text types.


Freelance v In-House Translation: Which is the right one for me?

As part of my Translation Methods and Skills module in the Autumn, we looked at the advantages and disadvantages of Freelance and In-House translation. In my exam it’s likely that a question might come up about which you prefer and why – in this case you’ll need to go through the pros and cons for both and come to a conclusion. For anyone who wants to know what either profession could offer them, or even for someone sitting a translation exam, I hope this helps!


I’m all booked up… Which Translation Theory books are worth it? My top 5

At the beginning of each course, the lecturer or course convenor will (hopefully!) give you a handbook for the whole course or module you’re studying. Seems helpful, right? Until, that is, you flick through the end few pages and skim the seemingly never-ending list of ‘suggested reading’ that no-one in a month of Sundays will ever complete. So how do you sort the bad from the good? Or the hopeless from the helpful? Read on for my top 5 translation studies theory books that will get you through exam season…

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Why I studied BA Translation…

When I started university¬†in 2011, I did not know that I had any interest in professional translation at all. To me it seemed one of the stock two professions (along with teaching) that anyone who doesn’t do languages, assumes you must want to be. To add insult to injury, I’m interested in both. After my… Continue reading Why I studied BA Translation…