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Good, Better, Best! German Revision Games

Having concentrated on translation topics for so long, I think it time to get back to my other day job – languages in schools! With summer end of year exams fast approaching, I’ve been working on some resources for students learning German. Some games are suitable for beginners – more vocabulary based, whilst others are… Continue reading Good, Better, Best! German Revision Games

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Where in the world?! My Lingholic Languages Map

Overall, it doesn’t necessarily matter what language(s) you speak best and to what level. Ultimately, what the Lingholic map shows you is how many opportunities you have to speak the languages you know. As a native speaker, red shows me all the countries that have English as their primary language (interestingly, Canada is marked under French only?!), purple is German, blue is Spanish, orange is French and a little pink dot by German is Holland. It’s only when it’s all put out in front of you, that you realise who diverse languages are, and how far and wide they travel.

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A Fountain of Knowledge -enhancing your skills as a Translation Studies student…

As a student of any discipline, we’re always encouraged to enhance our skills, and make our CVs stand out/gain experience etc. As I’ve illustrated in my posts Who, What, Where, Why, How?! Volunteer Translation – 7 places to start your search. and My top 12 Twitter profiles for Translation Opportunities… getting experience in translating is a… Continue reading A Fountain of Knowledge -enhancing your skills as a Translation Studies student…

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One [language] is never enough… How many languages does a translator need?

I remember in one lecture in my final year, the module was split between two lecturers. In the first lecture of the day, the German students were told something along the lines of ‘If you speak German, you really need to have another language with it, like Dutch. It [German] won’t be enough on it’s own.’ This obviously made us quite concerned.

An hour later, another lecturer took over. When we told her what we’d heard, she said she completely disagreed.

So how many languages DO you need to become a translator?

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Translation Student? You need Twitter…My top Twitter accounts you need to follow!

As someone who wasn’t actually an active translator, I wasn’t sure there was much point in me having a Twitter account for “professional purposes” – what did I have to contribute?