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Good, Better, Best! German Revision Games

Having concentrated on translation topics for so long, I think it time to get back to my other day job – languages in schools! With summer end of year exams fast approaching, I’ve been working on some resources for students learning German. Some games are suitable for beginners – more vocabulary based, whilst others are good for more advanced learners and focus on grammar.

My first game for students is a word domino game revising clothing. There are 21 clothing cards, in the left hand column is the German vocabulary; on the right the English. Cut the cards up and distribute them randomly to students. This game would work well for a whole class, where the studnets would have to line up and read the words aloud (maybe even repeated throughout the year against the clock!) or could be printed off and given to pairs or groups.

Another good way to revise home vocabulary, as well as items and people, is to play Cluedo. This blank game board has four large rooms and two smaller ones. Suitable to adapting into any language students can practice their speaking skills, as well as revise key vocabulary.


German food bingo is also another great way for students to practice vocabulary in a fun way.

Finally I have two grammar game resources for more advanced students – theses games are designed to help year 11’s revise for their exams, but would work for any students with good grammar knowledge.

My first game is solely based on the present, perfect, pluperfect and future tenses. Players must role the dice and move the counter – when you land on a square, you must say the phrase in German. 1 POINT FOR EACH OF THESE SQUARES. If you land on a Blue Square translate the German sentence into English – 2 POINTS. If you land on a Red Square translate the English sentence into German – 3 POINTS. At the end of the game, all players must have competed the board – player with most points wins! Here’s a picture of my printed version!


My final grammar game is Blockbusters. There are 40 squares on the board. In pairs, the aim is to answer questions and get across the board from left to right uninterrupted. If a team gets an answer wrong the question can be answered by any of the other teams (first to buzz) – if they are correct they get the square and the team that has been blocked will need to start from the beginning again. Players can either work in pairs or can alternate answering questions. Questions look at prepositions, superlatives and more!


BONUS RESOURCE: For anyone who is looking for a German research project suitable for all ages – why not check out my ‘Urlaub’ QR code German lesson!  Extended Cultural Project –  Working in pairs students need to research a city in Germany and convince their teacher that they should go there on holiday.  Slides include QR codes for students to research their city from the UK-Germany Embassy website
Includes helpful vocabulary with the option of 18 cities to chose from (adaptable for larger/smaller classes)

I’ll be posting more resources very soon! At the moment all my paid resources are on sale!

What are you best ways of revising German vocabulary and grammar? Leave me a comment below!




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