Inspiring goal setting for 2017: translation and languages


It’s 2017 – I hope you all had a great New Year! In my first post of the new year I’m setting out my top 5 translation/language/blog related goals.

Before I get into them, as I mentioned in my last blog post for the year, I’m so grateful to everyone who stopped by my blog last year and read my posts. I would absolutely recommend blog writing (about anything!) to anyone who was unsure whether they should try it.

Goal planning is  a tricky one – too big and it’s unachievable, too small and it’s over January 2nd. What to do!? I think this year my aims will be more job/work/future related rather than specifically about language, although they’re still in there too!

Without further ado, here are my 5 aims for 2017.

AIM ONE: Keeping up with the … Languages

Last year I had a few language specific (three to be exact!). All things considered they went fairly well, and I did achieve my GCSE Spanish! I think this year the goal is just to maintain my levels and try to get them back up, as I feel they’ve slipped over the last 18 months.

TARGET: Watch/Read at least one piece of German/Spanish a week and create a tick sheet to help me keep track. Learn a new word in French or Dutch every day = 365 new words in a year. Slow and Steady.

AIM TWO: Better Blogging

My blogging throughout 2016 was DEFINITELY better than it had been when I started this blog in 2015. Last year I made 34 posts in total, in comparison to 7 the previous year. From making more general posts, I started to talk more about my experience in higher education with language learning, and talking about my fledgling translation career.

TARGET: Continue to try and post regularly – twice a month minimum, and stick to scheduling posts for the same time each week (Probably a Wednesday?!?) Get better at blog management – scheduling, posting, topics etc. Look at Buffer and CoSchedule as a starting point. Better planning – planner/filofaxing? Get better at using Twitter – scheduling Tweets etc.

AIM THREE: University 101

Exams are on the horizon after my first term at uni! Only one term left and then dissertation writing.

TARGET: Keep putting the work in with daily/weekly uni work. Prepare paper for conference in May 2017, and look for topic for dissertation. Finish translation project from the summer.

AIM FOUR: General


  • Learn to drive
  • Save money – set a target amount each month to transfer automatically.
  • Find a relaxing hobby – I like the look of calligraphy/lettering
  • Take on a reading challenge – need to read more biographies/non-fiction
  • Work out 5 year plan – PhD? Teacher training? Translation?
  • Take part in more extra-curricular activities – conferences etc.

I think my goals this year should be achievable – the general ones are busier but there’s no exact time limit on them.

Here’s to a productive 2017! What are your goals for 2017? Let me know in the comments!

If you want to see more of what I’m up to day-to-day, follow me on Twitter on @amjscorr

 Have a great year!



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