Practical ways to build your online presence now: Translation Students

Before we get into the post proper I would like to stress something which seems obvious but it can be forgotten. You probably have a Facebook/Twitter/Instagram account already – you should ALWAYS keep personal and professional accounts separated! You don’t want prospective employers/clients reading through your page and finding a drunk post you made on fresher’s week – it’s just not professional, and although lots of people will have similar posts, it’s not a good way to make an impression on someone you’ve never met.


Inspiring goal setting for 2017: translation and languages

Goal planning is a tricky one – too big and it’s unachievable, too small and it’s over January 2nd. What to do!? Last year I concentrated on language learning, but as they year grew I made more and more posts about translation. I think this year my aims will be more job/work/future related rather than specifically about language, although they’re still in there too!