Book Review

New Book Club Series!

As we steam ahead to the new year, I’ve been thinking over some of my goals for 2017 – my post on these will be published very soon!

One of my blogging goals is to post more regularly and try to write posts with more relatable and helpful content – and so ‘My Tuesday Book Club’ was born! On the last Tuesday of every month I’ll review some translation studies books in more detail – some of which I will have mentioned in my post: I’m all booked up… Which Translation Theory books are worth it? My top 5 , but hopefully some of the others will be new and different too.

Starting on the 31st January, on the last Tuesday of each month I’ll post a review of a translation studies book. As a student, sometimes it’s difficult to find a book that will help you, and some are quite expensive, so it’s good to have a full review before you go investing in a book that’s not useful to you.

My first book review will be on Jeremy Munday’s Introducing Translation Studies.

If you have any recommendations, let me know in the comments below or find me on Twitter – in the side bar!

Have a great New Year!



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