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Not your typical internship…

When you think of an intern – you usually picture someone young, working in a highly powered environment, collecting coffees and not getting paid. Although internships are a great way to get ahead in your chosen field, some employers do take advantage of having a free worker for a few weeks. HOWEVER – not all internships are poorly paid and stressful, some are quite alternative…

To anyone who’s visited my blog before, you’ll know that my passion is languages. Whether my career lies in secondary or higher education teaching I haven’t decided, but I have decided to go back to university next year to study for a Masters in Translation Studies at Cardiff University.

This summer, and over the course of the year I will be working on several projects, both translation and social media based.

Over the next ten weeks I will be working as a translation intern for two university research projects in German/Translation Studies, at Cardiff University. The majority of my time will be spent on the transcription and translation of German author and composer Johanna Kinkel’s unpublished writings.

So far I have started by transcribing a lecture by Johanna Kinkel about Chopin – something that’s easier said than done. Although the text itself is easier to understand that my ones last year by Franz Liszt, these have been printed in Gothic German script – something which I have never encountered before.

When I first opened the text to start translating, I quickly realised that I couldn’t make out half of the words. After a minor panic, I researched gothic German script and found a ‘key’ from German type to our current Roman type. After a while, the deciphering became much easier, and my typing got quicker. As I went through, if I couldn’t read a word or part of a word, I’d write it in red and put a dash so that I would come back to it later. In total, the text was about 5,500 words in German.

My next task is to proofread my text for typos and to see if I can work out any of the words I couldn’t read first time round. Then I’ll move on to translating – in total, the text isabout 5,500 words in German.

At the end of August I will be helping to complete an article that problematises the relationship between translation and dramaturgy. I’ll be looking at cases where translation intervened in shaping cultural discourses of WISE.

Over the summer I’ll also be helping to run the twitter feed for the Cardiff Commemorating the Battle of the Somme Centenary. After that it’s September and back to school!

As mentioned in my post about the Think German Conference, Cardiff, 7/7/16, Cardiff University is holding a series of lunchtime lectures to mark the centenary of the Battle of the Somme. Along with an intern from the School of Music, I will be helping to run the twitter account Cardiff Uni WWI from the beginning of August. Be sure to stop by and have a look!

If you’re thinking of gaining some experience in the translation industry, have a look at my post My top 12 Twitter profiles for Translation Opportunities… to see what’s out there for you. And if you’re interested in finding out more about translation undergraduate degrees, read my post BA Translation degrees – what are they?.

As always you can tweet me on @amjscorr.



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