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Recent Purchases…


I’m back again, and this time, I want to share with you some of my recent language learning purchases from the last few months.

Firstly, after purchasing my 15 minute French book from The Works, I decided to look a little more closely into learning some more French. After searching Amazon, and based on my knowledge of their revision guides, I decided to buy this CGP French Complete Revision Guide with CD. It was only 1p on Amazon – complete with £2.80 postage and packaging! The book itself is worth £14.99 normally – it’s not affiliated with one exam board, as some revision guides can be, so it’s suitable for anyone who wants to look at a variety of vocabulary and grammar in context. However, if you wanted to learn French just to be able to communicate on holiday, this is probably not the book for you, as it is geared towards those who want to take an exam in it.

Along the same lines I also purchased the Revise Edexcel GCSE French Revision Guide, also 1p on (originally £3.99). Whilst this book is designed for a specific exam board, it is worth buying for interesting vocabulary and a clear layout. It also gives different examples in context which can be useful for writing.

Revise Edexcel French Revision Guide7.png

After those purchases, I staved off buying any more textbooks (although I did buy three American novels translated into German for my birthday!).

Today, I was in a neighbouring town, and went into one of the charity shops there, that I know often sells good foreign language textbooks – it’s the same shop that I’ve mentioned Here and Here. As I am wont to, I bought three books, two of which are foreign language related, and the other is on English Grammar.

My first purchase was this cute Berlitz Portugese Phrase Book and Dictionary (linked on for 1p!). This cost me only 99p – it says that it covers 1,200 words and phrases, with different sections colour coded by topic. There’s an A to Z dictionary that works in both directions as well as a reference section, complete with mini maps of Portugal and Brazil. Although I’ve never studied Portuguese, I can recognise some words from Spanish, and my Mum lived and worked there in the 80’s and taught me some words. I hope that I can practise with my co-worker at school who is from Brazil, so maybe I’ll be able to really get some learning in!

Berlitz Portuguese Phrase Book

My next purchase, was to supplement my French learning this summer. I discovered this book, and it was too interesting to put back. French à la cartoon is a book of cartoons (hence the name! ha ha) to help understand French language and culture. Again I got this for 99p but I’ve linked the book on, which it’s 1p! There are several cartoonist contributors and each page features a cartoon with a joke underneath. Key words are written underneath with their English translation, and a complete translation of the joke is at the bottom of the page. Whilst it might not be a staple textbook, it is a fun way to learn more vocabulary and get a hint of the French sense of humour.

Inside – French à la cartoon 4.png

And finally, as I said above this last purchase is not strictly foreign language related  (to me) but it might interest the English Grammar fans out there.

This was a book that was recommended to out class by my English teacher when I was 14. Obviously we weren’t keen to rush out and £9 book on English Grammar no matter how good it might have been, but once I saw it on the shelf, the nostalgia came back and I knew I had to buy it. Eats, Shoots and Leaves is a comical take on the rules of English grammar and punctuation. I haven’t started to read it yet, but once I have, I might do a review on it, for anyone who might be interested. This was also 99p, but you can click the link and find it for 1p (again!) on Amazon.

Well, that rounds up my recent purchases. No doubt there will be more soon, and as soon as I get my German novels, I’ll write another post about those too.

On Thursday 7th July, I’ll be attending the Think German Conference in Cardiff. It’s for German students from all over Wales, between the ages of 12 and 17. I’m really looking forward to it, and I’ll let you know how it goes.

As always, you can leave a comment below, or chat to me on Twitter @amjscorr.

Speak soon!







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