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New Year’s Goals – Progress

Although I only wrote my goals post in February, we’re now in June, this is essentially the half way point of 2016. So I thought I’d give a quick update on my language learning goals of 2016.


So far, this is going pretty well, although I had a Spanish exam in May, I’ve been watching German YouTube videos twice a week for the majority of the year. Although this may not sound like much, if each video is around 6/7 minutes long (if not longer) and I’m subscribed to around 7 channels, the minutes soon start adding up. See my post on my favourite German YouTubers (Lifestyle and Beauty) here. One of my friends is going to be studying for a German AS level next year, so I’m going to try and help her out as well, which will give me useful practise at speaking and teaching.


This aim is already partly achieved – my main focus was on getting my GCSE. At the time of writing, I sat the exams on May 20th, and won’t get the results until August. To teach languages in the UK, it’s generally helpful to have two – since German will be my main that I can teach up to A Level, I need at least an A Level in Spanish in order to teach up to GCSE (with me so far!?). The GCSE is a useful stepping stone in this path. I was looking into Spanish A Level, but with work and studying next year, I don’t think it’s going to be possible. After my Masters next year, I’ll probably have to go on a Skills Enhancement Course for 8-12 weeks to brush up.


Under the weight of lots of other commitments, my Dutch learning has fallen by the wayside a little – and has in part, been replaed by learning some French. I have, however, sporadically learnt both on Duolingo the past few months, and it’s only June. I still have time to turn things around!! I think I should try blogging in German and Spanish too.


Work in progress – I expect this to be improved when I go back to university.

General targets that I’ve been working on/ will work on over the next few months:

  1. I’ve recently joined the twinning committee in my town. We are lucky to have three twin towns (in Germany, France and Belgium). When I learnt German at school, I was lucky enough to go to Germany and visit it. I’ve been looking into joining the association and now seems like as good a time as any.
  2. Take a First Aid course – offered through my work at school, it’s an important and useful qualification to have, both professionally and personally.
  3. Research teacher training as soon as possible – there are so many different options and with language combinations I’m sure I’ll find something to suit me.
  4. Learn to drive!!!
  5. Spend the summer visiting friends and family – it’s long overdue.

If you want to see more of what I’m up to, or want to chat further, you can find me on Twitter on @amjscorr.

And last but not least, I think my blogging has gotten better!! Onwards and upwards!!

What were your goals this year? How are you getting on so far? I’d love to know!

Bis bald,


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