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New Challenge!

Today I was back in my favourite book shop, The Works.
As I mentioned in my Spanish Language Learning post, The Works sell some great foreign language learning books. Although it can be a bit hit and miss because they change stock so regularly, it’s always worth a look.

At the moment, my primary focus is learning Spanish, and I’d also like to learn Dutch too. However, when I saw this book, I knew I had to buy it.


Published by DK, this book is worth £7.99 at retail price, but today I bought it for £1.99. There are also Spanish and Italian versions. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the Italian book and I don’t need the Spanish one, but I thought I’d give French a try.

As the title suggests this is a 12 week course that you study for 15 minutes a day. Each weekly chapter has 5 sections, 4 for learning at one to revise and recap material. There’s also a menu guide and a dictionary in FR>EN and vice versa.


Table of contents

I’ve never really used a “quick start” guide to learn a language. Since this book has no listening content, pronunciation might be tricky. Also it says there’s no written content, which is usually what I use to learn and revise, so I may not go along with that bit. I studied French for two years, once a week in Secondary School, so I hope I can remember some of it.

Although it’s a twelve week course, I think I’ll try and give three reviews during learning – weeks 4, 8 and 12 and a final review at the end.

Also, the last time I tried the multiple language learning method, it did not go well for my learning. Maybe going at my own pace will work better?

I’m aiming to start on Monday 18th. Wish me luck! If you have any advice for multiple language learning or for French, please leave me a comment below, or tweet me on @amjscorr.

Au Revoir!!


One thought on “New Challenge!

  1. Ooh, awesome – I love The Works so much! It’s where I bought my Teach Yourself Complete Spanish from for £2.99 (!) but yeah sometimes the selection can be… iffy.

    Still, for multiple language learning, I’d recommend giving yourself a good break between the sessions (for me it works best to learn similar languages on different days, or at least have a few hours between them) and maybe if you can, finding two different places to work in. I think it kind of tells your brain ‘okay, so this is what we’re doing now’; whereas (for me anyway) if you just go one into the other, then your brain sometimes goes into default foreign language mode with your most advanced language cropping up all the time.

    Good luck with your challenge anyway! 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing your progress!


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