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App Review: Cram Flashcards.


In my last post I mentioned a flashcard app for Android, iOS and desktop called Cram.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Cram for language learning, I thought I’d give you a demo.

First of the app is completely free and during my usage, there have been no in app charges.

Once downloaded and with flashcards created, the app home screen will look like this:


Once you click on ‘Create Flashcards’, you’re presented with a new page where you can name the flashcard set, set a topic as well as the languages on the flashcards themselves. The images I’m showing are taken from my own Spanish to English vocabulary flashcards.


There’s also a useful private or public function which is great for those who are learning in groups – each learner could take a sub-topic and create the flashcards for the group.

You can then move on to create as many flashcards as you need.


As mentioned before, there are three modes in Cram: memorize, cramped and game.


In memorise mode, the cards will be shown one after the other. What’s great about the app is that the cards can be read to you in the target language to help familiarise yourself with pronunciation. The Spanish voice is quite pleasant and non robotic sounding.  At the end of the round, it’ll break down how many you got correct and move those you got wrong to the next round. It’ll keep repeating this process until you clear all the cards.


Cram mode is similar but more pressured (hence the name!). You still have all cards available and the speech function, but you don’t have an unlimited number of rounds.


Finally Cram comes with two games, Jewels of Wisdom and Stellar Speller. Both are great games to revise vocabulary and are a good way to keep learning without the pressure of looking at a white page.




Although I also like to use handwritten flashcards too, I like this app for using on the go. As cards be made private or public, it’s great for group learning as well as for individuals. The games make sure that users don’t bored and the different levels are great for short bursts of revision. Yes, it’s a little repetitive but I like revising vocabulary in this way.

If you’ve got anymore apps that you’d like me to review, leave me a comment below! Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter on @amjscorr.



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