New Blog!

Hi Everyone!

I’m not sure who will read this – or even that anyone will ever read this, but I felt that I had something to contribute to the world of blogging.

I’ve just graduated from a degree in BA Translation from Cardiff University. Ultimately my goal has always been to go into Secondary School teaching, but since studying translation, my mind has changed a little. Namely, I can’t imagine myself leaving school, going to university, and then going to another university to study teaching then going back to school again.

This year, I’ve decided to have a year out, earn some money, and gain some perspective on what I want to do in the future.

In the next few weeks I am hoping to start a research assistantship at Cardiff University, working with my former lecturer Dr Monika Hennemann. I’ll be helping her to prepare two specimen book chapters for submission on Franz Liszt’s Dramaturgical Writings on Operas and Incidental Music in [Annotated] Translation. The first weeks, I’ll be given some information and have to do some research about Franz Liszt the composer and go over some translation strategies and get to know the text. For the following four weeks, I’ll be translating and revising the translation and will help prepare the book proposal and grant application, as well as write a commentary about my word choices and the process of translating.

Whilst I’m looking forward to it, the German is likely to be older than any other translation I’ve attempted before – so I’m a little apprehensive about how difficult it might be to understand/translate.

On this blog, I hope to be able to document some important/interesting events over the course of my year, as well as discuss some interesting translation/language points as well as share some of my thoughts on university.

I hope anyone reading this finds some of what I say useful/interesting, and please comment/ give feedback!

Los geht’s!!




One thought on “New Blog!

  1. Hi Alex,

    Your Liszt project looks really interesting and not dissimilar to the Wagner I was translating for my Translation Studies MA. 19th Century German certainly has its challenges!

    Good luck and I look forward to reading about it!



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