German language

What are languages worth?

What are languages worth? That’s a difficult question to answer. In terms of personal time and effort, then probably a great deal. Research has also shown that people that can speak two languages are better at reasoning and that older people who can speak languages are better able to fight dementia. To put it one… Continue reading What are languages worth?

German language

The Influence of English

The other day I found an interesting article shared by the Translating for Europe Facebook page about the influence of English in other languages. The article was written for the Prospero section of the Economist Online. As a native English speaker who has learnt German for 11 years, even I have begun to see the… Continue reading The Influence of English

Dissertation Series

How to Write a Dissertation – Part 1

Writing a dissertation is possibly one of the most difficult pieces of work you will do over the course of a degree. In the summer of 2014, when my university sent me my dissertation proposal form, I was daunted. I had to write a 10,000 word essay. It was worth a third of my final… Continue reading How to Write a Dissertation – Part 1